The Importance of “Turnkey Projects” Method
in Establishing Vaccince, Drug and Medical Products Facilities

Specifications and Standards Bodies

Due to the very strict conditions enforced by specifications and standards bodies in relation to industrial facilities and medical facilities in particular, the importance of “Turnkey Projects” has ever been more important in large Projects.

GMP is the Quality System detailing the conditions that should be present in drug and vaccine factories and products related to human and animal lives or  the environment. These specifications and conditions are considered the strictist specifications for industrial facilities; In order to meet these conditions the specifications of this system must be met.

Some of these conditions are related to the productions tools, other related to the production location, or the production environment, while others are related to the facility’s staff. Good production is a result of choosing the best production tools, and oprating them in a suitable location and environment, by a suitable staff.

Thus, the specifications and standards set by GMP for medical facilities detail the production tools and processes, in addition to the conditions that should be met in the production location and staff.


The Difficulties of Managing the Execution of Industrial Medical Facilities Projects

These difficulties exist in many stages, starting from reading and analyzing the production scenarios, since wrong reading or incomplete analysis causes increase in construction costs, or an increase in production costs later, and may in many cases complicate the production process within the facility.

For instance, if a machine requires 6 square meters, but was assigned 9 square meters; this would increase the total area of the facility, raising the construction and operation costs. Vice versa, if it was allocated  3 square meters, this may slow the production process affecting the production quantity and capacity.

Difficulties may arise in choosing suitable equipment according to the technical specifications, and in coordination between the equipment providers and the construction contractors.

For instance, finishing an internal wall before before transferring large equipment into the building may lead to the destruction of the Wall later and rebuilding it. Choosing a  device with a production capacity too big or too small may also disrupt production.

The importance of “Turnkey Projects” method in the construction of industrial medical facilities is apparent when taking into account the huge savings it provides in both in money and time.


General Structure of “Turnkey Projects” methodology